Friday, February 5, 2010

Businesses Need to Join

Some companies and businesses are exemplifying the motives behind The Green Generation by focusing on manufacturing sustainable products, making their production more sustainable and changing their business strategy to focus on sustainability. However, many businesses are slow and apprehensive to make any change. In the worrying economy companies do not want to think about reconstructing their entire business. The first thing many companies are cutting, in response to the economic downfall, is producing environmentally friendly products or creating a sustainable business.

The main reason is that it costs more and they feel that customers will not be willing to pay more for an environmentally friendly product. Most companies also, have the belief that green business practices will not make a significant impact on the company. Even more, many do not feel that it is their position to address environmental issues and claim that the government should be providing public services to fix the catastrophic problems. Many businesses pride themselves on their traditional values and ways. The new green movement and suggestions for sustainability cross between the boundaries of their traditional practices and focus. They have been doing the same things for years and have been okay, so they question why they should change now.

Not only do businesses need to change their production and manufacturing for the benefit of the environment and the lives of future generations, but in order for companies to be able to compete in today’s and tomorrow’s market they need to create a sustainable business and product. Consumer value for sustainable and environmentally friendly products is increasing. People are starting to understand that their purchases affect the environment and that they can make a difference by purchasing those products that are sustainable or environmentally friendly.

Sustainable production in companies will also be cost effective in the long run. If a company reconstructs its building to use solar panels for energy use, then they will save more on utility bills. Even the simplest transformations in packaging a product can account for more spacing in trucks and thus, lower transportation cost and an increase of supply in stores. Finding ways in which a company can reuse their waste can not only clear up space in landfills but can be cost effective. Also, if companies make changes to eliminate unneeded packaging and use refillable containers as their packages, they will save more money in the end and will appeal to more customers.

Businesses and companies have the opportunity to act as role models for the rest of The Green Generation and can significantly impact the deterioration of the environment. No longer should there be blue-collar and white-collar jobs, but everyone should join to establish their role as a green-collar worker. The Green Generation is the beginning for all people to make the change and decisions that benefit the society we live in. America is at a standstill, trying to find jobs and improve the economy without looking to the real solution. Too many people are blinded by old tradition and denial of ecological problems. Sustainability in the workplace and implementing green jobs is the first step in improving the economy. Earth Day is more than just one day devoted to thinking about the environment and remembering to recycle. It is a movement, a direction. It is a resource for everyone to realize their new role and responsibility as an American citizen, to become a true member of The Green Generation.

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