Monday, March 1, 2010

Coca Cola Cans Are Green?

Coca cola has recently produced "green" advertising. This ad, found on the greenwashing index promotes sustainability and green awareness. Which is great! A leading brand like Coca Cola is jumping on the band wagon to changing their business practices to be more green and remind its consumers the importance of living a green lifestyle.
However, this ad makes no sense to me. The can is green... great but what does that mean? Apparently Coca Cola is shifting to green advertising in order to explain to the public that they are making changes to be Eco friendly. This advertisement does not explain that one bit. The can is green.. why? The consumer doesn't know. Are they just changing their color because they need a change and like the color green?
Coca Cola is apparently making all these changes and becoming a green company but these ads don't explain any of it. Ok so its green, Coca Cola is becoming green but what actions specifically are being taken? How does this ad prove that the company is in fact green? They may not be greenwashing with their words and inaccurate claims, but they are green washing through a lack there of.
And even more, it's Coca Cola. How can they claim that they are a green company. They are producing millions and millions of aluminum cans that contain dehydrating liquids that are contributing to the rise in obesity and supposedly cancer. What good for the environment do they stand for? Don't get me wrong, its great that the company is making changes to being more green and sustainable ... go Coca Cola, but they are anything but a "green" company.

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