Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Safeway Becomes Sustainable

Safeway is one brand that is doing wonders for sustainability. In 2006 the company established a Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Sustainability Program coupling with environmental projects and developed a new strategy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The goal was to improve the communities in which Safeway serves by reducing the company's carbon footprint and improve air quality. As a result, they reduced more than 320,000 metric tons or 700 million pounds of carbon dioxide emissions. According to their website, "these reductions included approximately:

  • 120,000 metric tons through strategic electricity purchases
  • 79,000 metric tons through the application of technology, process improvements and education
  • 55,000 metric tons through renewable energy purchases
  • 66,000 metric tons through a wide range of efficiency initiatives and technologies with our truck fleet."

  • And to keep up on their sustainable initiatives, Safeway recently announced their involvement in the Sustainability Consortium initiative. The Sustainability Consortium publishes findings on life-cycle impacts on foods, non-foods and agricultural products promoting a more sustainable global supply chain. Safeway is the first U.S. grocery to join the Sustainability Consortium group as a founding member. Also, in 2007 Safeway was the country's fourth largest retail purchaser of renewable energy.

    It is very important that a leading grocery corporation is making changes to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and develop a sustainable businesses practice. Consumers and corporations have a huge influence on the environment. Being committed to such a positive movement, Safeway can influence other corporations and consumers to make changes in their sustainability practices.
    Go Safeway!

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