Wednesday, March 17, 2010

DIY Project

For my Green Brand Strategies class, my group presentation and project focused on the Do It Yourself trend in sustainability. After researching about the DIY trend and realizing how many sources are out there to gain inspiration and expertise from, we decided to create a website that can be used as a tool to find different DIY projects that focus on sustainability. We have provided resources on projects focusing on beauty, solar energy, home improvement, up-cycling and how-to guides on basically everything. We even added a section on green brands focusing on which companies are "doing it themselves" to be sustainable and have green business practices.

With these projects and DIY how-to guides, we are trying to promote the idea of up-cycling and reusing in order to reduce consumption. It is great to recycle, but it is even better to consume less. When you realize that their is something you need or just really, really want, it is important to see if you can recreate what you desire with your old trash. By using our website as a resource, you can find out how to do exactly that and will be surprised to see what you can create out of old things.

Need to decorate your home with vases or candles holders?.... Check out Project College Student on the website to find out how.

Even more, we created an Extreme Makeover Sustainable Edition video to show how you can make small changes in your home to be more sustainable and decorate through up-cycling.
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