Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Sustainable Start

Even though people are not doing enough to care for the environment, some businesses have made huge steps in the right direction. Burgerville added compost bins in their restaurants and decided to make all of their material compostable. They also created their fast food containers and napkins out of recycled materials. Even more, last year they announced that they will allow bicyclists to order and pick up food from the drive-thru.

Quiznos also made changes to be more eco-friendly. They used to wrap their sub sandwiches in multiple paper wraps, but now they have changed the wrapping to a single pouch. The pouch is completely recyclable. Also, they implemented 100% compostable cups and their napkins are made from recycled materials and fibers. And even though its important to make these changes without bragging about it and bringing too much attention to it, their campaign of "Eat Toasty, Be Green" helps bring more awareness about making greener choices in a consumers everyday life.

Also, Sun Chips has added to the green trend. They have made their bags into 100% compostable. Even more, they have focused their campaign and website to be dedicated to sustainability and green improvement.

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