Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Thank you Oprah

Click here to watch Oprah's Earth Day Video

This video clip, shown in class for a presentation on sustainable packaging design, amazed me. I couldn't believe it. How gross are we. How disgusting that we let out great beautiful world turn into such a dump, a garbage can. The largest landfill is the Pacific Ocean!

I am so upset that we have become so blind to the destruction we have created. Our goals and dreams that we pride ourselves on are having the ability to consume as much as we want. Eat, buy, take, use, that's all we do and all we want out of our everyday lives.
Think about it, we work hard so we can have the money so we can buy the stuff to fill our homes and our mouths. The focus on the consumerism lifestyle has not only lead to obesity and depression but has lead to a destruction of the beauty and sustainability of the nature in our world.
According to the class presentation, only 3-4% of people recycle their plastic. Paper accounts for most of the waste in America and a person uses one 100ft Douglas fir tree each year! Wow I am shocked!

When are people going to start to realize that they need to consume less? When are they going to understand the severity of their everyday actions? Why do so many people focus on crap that they do not need and still don't understand the simple actions that could significantly improve the world?

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