Thursday, March 18, 2010

Another Use for Paper

So here I am thinking how great it would be to do another DIY project found on the trusty DIY Green website. One material that could be recreated into multiple things is paper. Yes recycle, recycle is good, but if there is something you need and will go out to the store to go buy, if you can reuse old paper to recreate it then that is even better.

And then I noticed that because I do not have coasters, I am ruining my furniture and getting little rings caused by my cups. So I decided to make coasters out of newspaper.
First, I found newspaper and tried to use ones with the most color so that they weren't just all black and white.
I then opened it up and ripped it down the middle. Taking one half, I started on the longest side and folded in about 1/2 inch.
I kept folding till the paper was in one long strip and glued it shut.

I took one end of the long strip and started rolling it in gluing it as I went. Folding it tight and compacting it, I had to use multiple strips of paper and glued it in to look like a continuous strip. Once the roll was perfect coaster size, I glued the end and Wallah!
Now I have coasters!

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