Sunday, January 31, 2010

A Changing Miss America

So last night flipping through the channels on T.V, I ran into the good old Miss America pageant. What a classic! The 50 women probably in pageants since they could talk, strut their stuff on stage showing how they "look" in a bikini, an evening gown, doing their talent (most like every time it is singing or some sort of dance), and finally, how they "look" answering their question that supposedly measures the true value of the individual. "World Peace" right?

Half of the time, I was laughing at how their fakeness showed through their smiles and how when walking in high heels most of them looked so off balanced that any second they could fall. Answering their questions, I could just tell how they were producing as much word vomit as the could to dance around a valid answer that showed any true depth to their core values or beliefs. They have to be careful to not be too controversial right? So minds well just blab and blab and blab with a sweet smile so it "looks" like they actually stand for and believe in a change. I thought to myself, these girls have been answering the same questions and doing the same talents for years, why haven't the issues and questions caught up to the times?

Then their it was, the former Miss America 2009 was interviewed about all of her accomplishments and improvements as she was the reining figure of all young women everywhere and among all the other wonderful community service and philanthropic actions, she showed her support for going green by promoting Natures Bottles. "Natures Bottles is an environmentally-friendly bottled water company that uses plastic made from plants to make their bottles, which helps to eliminate petroleum based plastic water bottles. We know that with their extraordinary vision, they can help change the future." Says Art McMaster the President and CEO of the Miss America Organization.

Finally, one of the most well known events and pageants of the year, that have dealt with the same issues and questions for years, is making efforts to promote green living. Even though my idols and role models in life are not these so called talented girls on stage, they are for millions of young girls around the world. Even though their are obviously more efforts that the whole pageant's organization could do to promote going green and sustainability, they are making steps and showing these steps on national television which could influence the actions of viewers watching. So last night I development small increase of respect for the Miss America pageant.

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