Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Green living and sustainability has become a growing trend and important topic since the scare of global warming. Whether or not the world's heat is increasing because of natural causes or human influences on the earth, most people have decided that they too should make changes in their lives to improve the world's condition and not let their own crap pile up beneath their feet. And yes, advertisers have caught on. More and more products have become categorized as "green" and whether it truly is green or sustainable at least the advertisements are encouraging and reminding consumers that it is important to live environmentally friendly.
When advertisements that have labeled a product as green or eco-friendly appear on the t.v or in a magazine consumers most likely will not leave right then to go buy the product but subconsciously will be reminded about making sustainable choices in their daily lives. So while we all hope that each product advertised as "green" truly is environmentally friendly the truth may be a little far fetched. And as many enter into the advertising profession understanding the importance of ethics and honesty they will incorporate their values into their advertisements. But for now, at least the message is out there and consumers are learning to shop for sustainable when they have the option.

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