Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Top 10 Green Celebrities of 2009

Recently I came across an article on the Top 10 Green Celebrities. The article, in honor of Earth Day, focuses on the top 10 celebrities that have made efforts to act green and become environmentally friendly. As the celebrities are in the spotlight supporting different environmental programs, becoming vegetarians, owning hybrid cars and speaking out about becoming environmentally friendly, I wonder if the motives behind these great role models and idols making a change is to truly help the environment or if it is only a publicity stunt. Like the article says, "These days Hollywood stars don't have red-carpet cred unless they roll up to awards shows in hybrids" asserting that the efforts that celebrities are making to go green are only so that they can keep up with the trends in Hollywood. Yes, these top 10 celebrities are doing more than just buying a hybrid, but are their efforts truly genuine to help improve the world and speak out for something they value and care about.

However, maybe the image and what these celebrities represent out in the media is what society needs to make the changes too. Celebrities can be role models and influence the decisions and opinions of people all over the world. If they have a strong green attitude and presence in the media, then more people may be inclined to find ways that they can be green too. When your a child, people always ask "who is your role model and why?". And seeing Cameron Diaz on Nickelodeon receiving the "wannabe" award may influence the children of today to make green choices and live environmentally friendly. Isn't that a celebrities positive role in society, to stand for something and encourage others to make a change as they do?
The list of Top 10 Celebrities of 2009:
1. Ed Begley Jr.
2. Leonardo DiCaprio
3. Daryl Hannah
4. Edward Norton
5. Brad Pitt
6. Woody Harrelson
7. Alicia Silverstone
8. Cameron Diaz
9. Adrian Grenier
10. Natalie Portman

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