Monday, January 18, 2010

2009's Top Sustainable Travel Spots

Even though today's citizens are making efforts to live sustainably and act in green ways, most still want to be able to continue to enjoy the pleasures and adventures that life has to offer. One of these pleasures that many consider the highlights of their lives is traveling around the world. Site seeing, exploring, learning, relaxing, discovering new cultures and living in luxury; this is why we travel and it shouldn't stop because of our fear that we are contributing to an Eco-disaster.
According to National Geographic's Green Guide, the National Geographic Traveler magazine teamed up with Geographic Society's Center for Sustainable Destinations to evaluate and rate 2009's top world destinations on environmental and ecological quality, along with other categories.

Number one in the ratings is Norway's fjord region:

The rest of the top five rankings include Canada, New Zealand, Japan, United States, Slovenia, Australia, and Spain. (the last four all tying for fifth)

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