Wednesday, January 13, 2010

For years MillerCoors has supported and stressed the importance of responsible drinking. Now they have begin a new corporate responsibility platform which in addition to responsible drinking, focuses on environmental sustainability. Their new motto "Be Great" corresponds with their new website which informs visitors on how to live responsibly and ways in which they can make efforts to do so.

According to Cornell Boggs, chief responsibility and ethics officer for Millercoors says"The new Web site gives us a unique opportunity to connect with consumers who enjoy our great beers, and would like to learn more about the responsibility behind those brands." The site provides opportunities for consumers to make pledges to conserve water, prevent drinking and driving, and communicate their ideas.

On the website visitors can learn specifically about water conservation and provide an easy interaction for people to pledge their plan on conserving water. Visitors can also learn how MillerCoors is making efforts to use less water through watching videos. Deeper into the website, visitors can look specifically on how the company is packaging sustainably, becoming more energy efficient and working towards producing zero waste.

I am impressed with a beer company making huge efforts to promote environmental sustainability and responsibility to their consumers. Usually I associate beer companies with Superbowls and stereotypes, not responsibility. But as drunk driving has become a societal concern as it has caused many lost lives, each beer company should promote responsible drinking. Now with environmental concerns on the rise, MillerCoors is making a strong effort to promote a new kind of responsibility. Way to go!

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