Monday, January 18, 2010

Hybrids' True Effect

In the last few years Hybrid cars have become a new trend in car purchases. In order to reduce oil consumption and lower personal carbon footprints many people have traded in their regular vehicles for hybrids. These green citizens made changes to make a difference and transport in a more sustainable fashion.

However critics claim that Hybrid vehicles will have little effect on oil consumption over the next few decades. After comparing the increase of sales with oil consumption analysts concluded that in 2020 when Hybrid vehicles would account for a third of car sales the savings on oil would only account for one percent of the nations oil demand.

The analysis, even though taken from a respective financial services firm, makes assumptions that may or may not be correct. Green Inc.'s article on this issues exemplifies this by saying that the analysis "it uses an average fuel efficiency of 27 miles per gallon for regular vehicles versus 40 miles per gallon, on average, for hybrids. "

Many people are quick to question whether the efforts to be more sustainable are actually effective. While Hybrid vehicles will not make a huge huge difference like many assume and expect, they are making some difference and are a bit more sustainable that regular vehicles. Yes many of the trends of sustainable living seem to good to be true and the positive impacts may seem a little exaggerated; however, its one step at a time. It's with each new invention or innovation that gives people the option to be a little more sustainable that will all compile together to significantly make the difference.
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