Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sustainable Fashion

It is interesting to see what brands are making efforts to be sustainable. Recently I came across and article on about how the well known brand Coca-Cola is producing handbags made out of their bottle labels. Not only are these clutches sustainable, but the famous brand's label is communicating to consumers the importance of sustainability. The company's goal of having zero production waste is rapidly improving since the new clutch production is preventing Coca-Cola labels from entering landfills.

This new sustainable production reminds me of when I as a child produced my own fashion accessories out of wrappers. When eating a pack of Starbursts my friends and I would save the wrappers and fold them up in some specific folding way so that they could connect. After a little effort and a lot of persistence we would soon have colorful rings, bracelets’ and necklaces made out of Starbursts wrappers. Often times we would buy and big bag of Starbursts just so that we could make these cool accessories. Even though my main reason for producing these cool accessories was not to be a more sustainable citizen, I was. And the more I look back on different fashion trends and fads I have seen, I realize that people, in thier effort to be unique in their fashion, have produced many sustainable items. I remember the bags made out of Capri Sun juice packets or Kool Aid juice pouches and how they were made by people that were trying to be origional and make a fashion statement. Little did they know that they were making efforts to act sustainably. Fashion; saving the world one handbag at a time.

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