Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Clorox Advertisement Greenwashing

On the Greenwashing index website I find it interesting to see the different advertisements and consider whether what they are saying and promoting is truthfully valid, or Greenwashing.

This advertisement for Clorox's new product Green Works is a plastic tub that contains multiple disinfectant wipes that are apparently 99% natural and biodegradable. At first the ad draws in the viewer with the headline "Just what the world needs, another cleaning product". By saying this they are able to set up what is different and special about this product compared to other cleaning products. It becomes the consumers social responsibility to choose not just another cleaning product, but one that is biodegradable and natural.

However, the plastic tub is placed in the middle of the forest with the word "naturally" next to it. The plastic tub not 100% natural and not biodegradable completely counteracts that word. They are trying to convince the viewer that a plastic tub in the middle of the forest is part of nature and how are we to know for sure whether or not the wipes are really 99% natural and biodegradable too?

Also, visiting the Clorox website, the main theme and purpose of Clorox is cleanliness and bleach which really does not go hand in hand with green living. How can we trust a cleaning company to truly believe in the values and importance of sustainability? They don't. They are just trying to convince the consumer who is starting to value making green choices in their purchases that their product will help them feel like a responsible green citizen.

The whole product is anything but sustainable. A bunch of disinfecting paper towelettes in a plastic tub... How is that good for the environment? What people should do is use a towel that they can wash after each use. It would be just as effective in cleaning and would be much more sustainable.

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